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About the Sheading of Garff
Garff (shown in red on the Isle of Man map above) is one of six Sheadings on the Isle of Man and comprises three Local Authority areas, The Village of Laxey and the Parishes of Lonan and  Maughold.  Garff is bounded on the north by the Sheading of Ayre, on the south by the Sheading of Middle, and on the east by the sea.  It is also a House of Keys constituency, originally a three-seat but became a two-seat in 1893 and a one-seat in 1986.  The current incumbent is Mr Steve Rodan MHK; Mr Rodan is also Speaker of the House of Keys.
  The Sheading of Garff comprises three Local Authority areas, The Village of Laxey and the Parishes of Lonan and  Maughold.
  Each has individual responsibility for the delivery of services to the residents and is administered by five Commissioners and a Clerk.
  In 2003 the respective Boards met to discuss ways of improving the delivery of services in the most cost effective way, but such that their own identity was not lost.
  To progress this matter they formed the Garff Joint Initiative and shortly afterwards combined the existing three Refuse Collection Services into one contract, which provided the necessary cost savings and continuity.

Since then the administration centres have joined more closely with Laxey sharing the services of the Lonan Clerk and between the three Clerks they now have an understanding as to how each works, which provides for the element of risk regarding prolonged absence of one or more of the Clerks. Harmonisation of procedures has further progressed.

  Currently discussions are now on going to accept responsibility for the provision of more services that the Government may relinquish so as to strengthen the bond between them.
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